JUNE 2020

About The Book

One Vision, Three Leaders, One Book

“Never Have a Bad Day, A Guide to a Lifestyle of Leadership” is more than just a book, it is a resource.  This treasure chest of golden nuggets will help you navigate this collision course called leadership.

Never again will you feel like you are alone or that no one understands the challenges you face everyday as a leader. This book will be your companion on those days when it's tough but you can't afford to have a bad day.
Three dynamic leaders who know firsthand the struggles and realities of leadership have joined forces in this book to provide you with practical strategies for succeeding on your leadership journey.

About The Author

Kelvin A. Waites, Sr.

Executive Leadership Coach

Veteran, chief, dad, husband, mentor, coach, author, founder, and leader are all words used by people that follow the leadership of Kelvin Waites. As a person committed to building strong leaders, Chief Kelvin received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Charleston Southern University in Organizational Management, a Professional Coaching Certification from Atiras International, authored, “Hit Them Before They Hit You”, and launched Waites Lifted LLC. (a private leadership and life coaching practice). Coach Kelvin is also a graduate of the prestigious F.B.I. National Academy (class #248) and the DEA’s Drug Unit Commander’s Academy (class # 60). Both located in Quantico, Virginia.

Chief Kelvin began his law enforcement career in 1997 after serving as a member of the United Stated Army in the field of Intelligence. Having led more than ten thousand individuals over the past twenty years, it’s fair to say, Coach Kelvin is an experienced and well-equipped leader. Accolades, honors, and awards have been named in his honor, yet Chief Kelvin remains humble while focusing on building stronger communities one leader, conversation, and example at a time.

His impeccable record and accomplishments have positioned him to be a highly sought-after speaker, presenter, and coach. His emphasis is always on leading, growing, and reaching. His strong faith inspires the masses to pursue excellence, even when excellence requires a huge stretch. He stands on his life’s motto, “We are all actors in God’s production”. Inclusion of all mankind pushes him to pursue success beyond applause, awards, and ovations.

Stretch, Grow, and
Never Have A Bad Day

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